Tricks to Make the Most of your Frozen Goods

A freezer is one of the most important home appliances that is almost impossible to live without.  There are different kinds of freezer units out there. For instance, chest freezers are recommended because of their energy-efficiency and affordability. Chest freezers can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

The type of chest freezer to purchase depends on your specific needs and of course, where you will place the unit. Some chest freezers are specially designed to suit certain uses such as medical chest freezers, chest freezers for the garage and others. A freezer will perform at its best if we the consumers know how to freeze our goods properly

Use proper materials when freezing. The first thing to remember when freezing is to make use of containers which are suitable or specifically labelled.The same rule applies to food wraps. If ever there is a need for you to store goods in glass, just make sure that the glass is either tempered or it is specially made for freezing purposes.

It is best to freeze in small portions. If in bulk, meat is better divided into small containers before freezing. This method will help you to freeze the meat faster and more efficiently. Smaller containers freeze quickly and the faster your goods freeze, the fresher they remain once thawed. Another simple trick is to place your meat in a zip top bag and use a chopstick to press on the meat to create segments.

Get rid of excess air.If you are using zip top bags or any other bags for that matter, make sure that you squeeze out excess air before placing them inside your freezer. This is to avoid the so-called freezer burn.

Never store hot food inside your freezer. Everybody knows it but some people forget it. Always make sure that hot food has cooled before you attempt to pop it in the freezer.This will ensure that your food will freeze faster and at the same time, your freezer won’t have to work harder and consume more electricity than necessary.

Following these guidelines will not only help you to freeze your food faster, they will also make your life more efficient in terms of managing your frozen stock.

Food Matters: The Truth behind Frozen Foods

For most people, frozen food equates to less nutritious food. The general idea is that processed foods are less nutritious than their “fresh” counterparts and isn’t freezing one form of food processing?

The misconception debunked

Give or take, people’s idea of healthy foods are those that are termed “fresh”. Canned goods obviously don’t make the list since they have to be processed to be kept for a long time. Certain food preparation techniques make your food lose some of its vital nutrients. While it’s true that processing makes your food lose some of its nutrients in a way, there are several reasons why it’s actually good to freeze your food.

  • Frozen goods, especially fruits and vegetables tend to be healthier. It’s a general rule that fruits and vegetables should be frozen at their peak ripeness – the exact same time they are picked and packed with the most nutrients in them.  Studies show that fresh is not always nutritious compared to frozen foods. Freshly picked vegetables and fruits contain the highest levels of nutrients… Yes but frozen fruits and vegetables contain much the same healthy goodness. Unlike food items stored with the benefit of a cold temperature to freeze the vitamins in them, produce that is left “fresh” only look so because of mist sprays. Chances are, they have been on the shelf for days or weeks and they have lost much of the vitamins they had upon being picked. 
  • Frozen foods stay fresh for long. True enough, you may enjoy your food for weeks or even months, as long as you keep them frozen. Freezing halts the growth of bacteria that spoils food and you can always retain the fresh state, unlike when they’re not frozen. 
  • Frozen foods are easy meal shortcuts. One of the best things with choosing frozen produce is that you can have a healthy meal in no time at all. You just have to stack up on salad vegetables, fruits or easy to grab snacks and voila! You don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing a dish to satisfy your palate. You can keep the quality of your food fresh so it won’t be a problem if you buy your food in bulk, to store.

The bottom line

Truth be told, your chest freezer can be a food wonderland if you so choose. You can stack up on fruits, veggies, salads, smoothies and almost anything cooked, as long as it can be heated. Chest freezers are made to accommodate a variety of foods, from fruits to veggies to salads and main dishes. You don’t even have to worry about spoilage. If you’re looking for freshness, convenience and an easy meal, freezing your food is the best option. That said, you might want to consider buying a chest freezer to enjoy the many benefits of frozen foods.

Tips On Buying A Chest Freezer

Shopping for home appliances is not an easy task. If you want to maximise the use and efficiency of your chest freezer, then you must first know the things to consider before buying one. Here are some helpful tips for you to remember when you plan to buy a new refrigeration unit.

Budget – take note that you have all the best price options available. Take a look at all of the other freezers in your budget and compare prices, brands and their respective differences. Never buy if you are having second thoughts. Remember that at Chest freezers we sell high quality chest freezers athighly competitive prices. Don’t be afraid to look around as I am sure we have what you need.

Capacity – this is the first thing that you must consider. Do you need a small freezer or a big unit? In line with this, you have to think of the following: What is the size of your family? Will there be any additions to the family or do you have the space available in your kitchen, pantry or store room? Is there enough space at your home to accommodate a large chest freezer? Answer all these questions before you decide what to buy.

Durability – the safest way to be sure that you are buying a durable model is to look for reviews online. Considering the brand may prove to be helpful as well. If you choose a brand that’s been in the business for a very long time, then you know that they produce quality units. Never forget to inquire about the warranty, too.

Efficiency – always consider the energy consumption of the product. It may look the best-suited chest freezer for you but if it causes your electricity bill to double, do you think it’s worth it? There are units that allow superb storage without costing you any more than you already pay.

Specifications – read the product manual carefully or you can ask the salesperson directly about the features or specifications of each unit. To maximise the use of a chest freezer, you have to know the things it can or cannot do. This thought applies not just to chest freezers but to all other things that we use on a regular basis.

A chest freezer is not just an appliance at home. It is something that you can use for a long time, if youkeep it well maintained. Make the most of what it can offer by choosing the right unit for you.

Types of Chest Freezers on Offer at

Chest freezers, compared to upright freezers, have the capacity to hold more food and this is the reason why they are ideal for big families or for commercial use. They are also more efficient in keeping low temperature. In fact, some chest freezers can maintain your food frozen without electricity for three consecutive days. Chest freezers, unlike your regular refrigerator, are opened from the top just like a trunk. Although they tend to take up more ground space, chest freezers are usually more affordable compared to upright freezers.

At, we offer the following types of chest freezers:

Standard Chest Freezers

we have all the best brands of standard chest freezers in store for you. With top brands such as Haier, Elcold, Vestfrost and many others, you will surely find a unit that will not disappoint. Standard units range from 3.7 CUFT to 24.9 CUFT.

Chest Freezers for the Garage– for this type, Vestfrost and Elcold brands are our bestsellers. One of our recommended products is the Vestfrost SB400. It is a 13.5 CUFT white chest freezer that comes with a 5 year warranty. These units are ideal for the garage and they range from 6.6 CUFT to 24.9 CUFT.

White Lid Commercial Chest Freezers – these commercial chest freezers range from 15.8 CUFT to 24.9 CUFT. Among the brands we have are Derby, Elcold, Vestfrost, Interlevin, Tefcold and Liebherr. Among the most recommended is the Elcold EL12. It is a 3.8 CUFT white chest freezer that comes with a 2 year warranty.

Low Temperature Chest Freezers – when it comes to low temperature chest freezers, Vestfrost is the brand that we highly endorse. The temperature of these units ranges from negative 45 degrees to negative 60 degrees and they also have highly competitive prices, ranging from £599 to £1, 699.

Stainless Steel Lid Commercial Chest Freezers – if you prefer chest freezers with stainless steel lids, then you have a choice among these brands: Liebherr, Gram, Polar, Vestfrost Chest Freezer, Elcold and Interlevin. Depending on your needs, their capacity ranges from 10.6 CUFT to 24.9 CUFT.

Display Chest Freezers – highly recommended for commercial use, the display chest freezers we offer are very affordable and are made of high-quality materials. Vestfrost and Elcold brands reign supreme with these types of chest freezers.

Medical Chest Freezer – Medical chest freezers are also available at  Depending on your requirements there are units manufactured by Labcold and Lec, both of which provide excellent storage solutions for the laboratory or the pharmacy.

Choosing which type of chest freezer is best for you would depend on three factors and these are your needs or the purpose, the space where you are going to place your chest freezer and of course, your budget.


Elcold and Vestfrost Chestfreezers

If you are in search of a reliable chest freezer, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we are going to present you with some of the most popular chest freezers from Elcold and Vestfrost chest freezer brands. Whatever size you are looking for and for whatever purpose, you’ll surely find something here that will suit all your freezer needs.

If you want a large chest freezer at a fair price, you should choose the Elcold EL71. It has a total gross capacity of 24.9 cubic feet or 701 litres. It is very spacious and very reliable. This kind of chest freezeris generally useful to restaurants, farms and even large families. IElcold is a prominent brand from Denmark that has been in operation for more than 40 years. On the other hand, if you prefer a small chest freezer, then the Elcold EL12 is the option for you. It has a total gross capacity of 3.8 cubic feet, perfect for those who need a bit of extra storage space. Aside from its quality, this freezer has an A+ energy rating to boot.

The VestfrostSE255 is considered to be one of the most efficient chest freezers available today. Its gross capacity is 8.7 cubic feet or 247 litres. With the relatively low energy consumption of A++, this chest freezer is one of the frontrunners, costing you about £22.92/year to run.Looking for something a little smaller? Check out the Vestfrost SB200. It has an A+ rating with a total capacity of 6.9 cubic feet or 198 litres and runs on about 0.620 kWh per day.

If you haven’t yet made your decision from the options that we have short listed, make sure that you check out the other chest freezers that are available on our website. We have over 20 major brands to choose from with readily available stock.